Radar Gun アプリのレビュー


km/sでも測れるようにして欲しい。 updateを期待してます!!

Bad app

Doesn't even tell the speed. Waste of money. Don't download this app!!!

This is a stop watch not a radar gun

This is not a radar gun at all. Horrible.

Waste of a dollar

Hold and release to track speed, do not get. Waste of a dollar

Worst app ever

Don't waste you money!! I understand how to use it and it's terrible.

Worthless for pitchers

Do not even attempt to use this app to find pitching speed.


The app works. You just need to understand it. I think it is misunderstood on how it works. It does not look at the ball. It takes the distance that you enter and calculates how much time it takes the ball to reach the target base on when you hit and release the button.


Works with fast reflexes

Mph pitching review

Worst app ever. Do not waste your money

Works ok with quick fingers.

Works pretty well. Accuracy is dependent on how well you can pay attention and hit the button at the right moment.

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